So, there i was, about to fall into that deep deep slumber and the phone rang. I picked it up thinking that since it has disturbed me it should be at least worth it, may be its a call from Vividh Bharati for the training schedule.(was expecting a call from them) But it was someone I wouldn’t have thought of in my wildest of dreams. A call from, lets call him ‘Mr. Filmy’.

Me: Hello…..
Mr.Filmy: Hi, is it Shirin Mehrotra? (with a heavy and totally FAKE US accent)
Me: Yes….
Mr.F: This is Mr. Filmy from so and so media agency. How are you?
Me: I am good (yea rite…thanks for waking me up u lil…!@#$)
Mr.F: Shirin, are you an RJ?
Me: Yes, I am under training with Vividh Bharati. (wow…could it be a job offer for radio jockeying?)Mr.F: Shirin, do you want to mold your career to be an RJ do you wanna be an actor? (aha…sounds like a hot chick,lets show her some starry dreams)
Me: Sorry?
Mr.F: What are your goals in life?
Me: I am an animator and graphics designer.
Mr.F.: Don’t you wanna be an actor?(omg,not one to be trapped easily,ill have to try harder…)
(the fake accent kept getting annoying)
Me: NO (what the !@#$ ???)
Mr.F: Why? acting can give you fame and money. (c’mon why arent u falling for this one??i was told chicks would fall head over heels for this)
Me: But that needs struggle,n im very lazy (back off dude…i mean it !!)
Mr.F: Not these days. If you know the current trends of bollywood you can be a star in a very short time. (am i smart or am I smart?)Me: (So here comes the eternal gyan ‘Trends of Bollywood’) But i am not interested in ‘Bollywood and stardom’ (even i threw an accent this time)
Mr. F: But why? are you scared of struggle and meeting a lot of people?
Me: (God he’s getting on my nerves) I got my own studio to struggle for.
Mr.F: Where are you from? (time to get a little personal 😉 )
Me: Bombay
Mr.F: But your name says mehrotra?
Me: ??(Alright alright you nosey sonofa!@#$) I am from North india.(lets see where he goes with this)
Mr.F: which part of north India?
Me: Lucknow
Mr.F: Do you live alone in Bombay? (Potential shikaar)
Me: No, with my husband (haha googly)
Mr.F: Oh, that’s good. (wtf)Me: (oh really, is it?) i know
Mr.F: Anyways, I’ll email you. If you have that 5% instinct and dream in you of becoming a star give me a call. (still trying hard)Me: Sure

Phone disconnected……
Me: Asshole…..
Mr.F : !@#$%^!@#$^&
What……………..? did I miss out on a prospective chance of becoming a star?……….. u bet.