unnamed (3)I just watched a brilliant film and my head aches. Yeah, that’s not the effect I was looking for. I also feel angry and helpless; all of this despite reading the book Arushi by Avirook Sen a couple of months ago and knowing the facts of the case.

The police, CBI and media circus which went on for 8 years is detailed by Sen and Meghna Gulzar has provided the visuals that hit you in the face. Wham!

And we are party to it thanks to our voyeuristic nature and the pleasure we derive out of passing judgments and blatant generalization. We wanted to know what happened behind the closed doors of a 14 year old girl’s room and were too eager to accept the theory of an affair between her and her 50 year old servant. Yes, we are equally guilty.

I totally understand Arun Kumar’s (Ashwin Kumar played by Irrfan in the film) helplessness and desparation when he is fighting a bunch of sick, prejudiced men. There’s a simple rule of investigating a crime — he explains — saboot (evidence) > jaanch (investigation) > nateeja (result). But Kaul’s way of approach was exactly opposite. Why didn’t the second CBI team didn’t pay any heed to what the first team had found? Because it had become a high profile case and solving it (the way everyone expected it to be solved) meant eternal glory? Or was it something.else? Ego? But at what cost? Evidence was compromised, witnesses were arm twisted and stories were created; just to prove that we are better than you? Or to cover up past mistakes?

And media fed these stories to the hungry audience who are not satiated with the make believe drama in the Big Boss house anymore. Sadly, this drama is somebody’s life.

I don’t know who killed Arushi, but we’ve all killed the Talwars.